Food. FOOD. Food. 


We all have to eat, right? So why is cooking such a lost art? I truly appreciate the European way of slow food, fresh local ingredients and that food is the social glue that binds everyone together. As Aboriginal people, we too do nothing without food first. We never gather without a feast and never invite anyone without feeding them. To me, food is love. Because the time, energy and care that goes into feeding your family and friends (and yourself) is one of the most obvious ways to keep them healthy and happy. Yet I know how challenging it is after a long day, to 'slave' over the stove to make a home cooked meal. It is not easy. But it is doable. I work long, long, hours and there are many times when I feel that I just dont have it in me. But real food is important to me, so I do it anyways. And a glass of wine can sometimes make it much easier! So, Ive put together some tips & tricks to make this easier for YOU. Also, Ive posted my favorite, tried and true recipes that are sure to please! To get started, you have the option to watch my VLOG on Meal Planning 101 or read the steps on the link beside the video.

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I am a firm believer in involving the kids with food. From suggesting meals, to shopping, to growing, to prepping and cooking. And as much as I would love for this to be a harmonious procedure, anything to do with helping out in my house does not come without a fair amount of negative feedback. But here is my take: we all live in the house, we all take care of it (cleaning). We all eat, we all participate in the food making. Thats life. No easy brakes. My kids were making chow mien, spaghetti (with some supervision), eggs, grilled cheese all by age 8. I just refuse to send helpless beings out into the world with no basic life skills. Plus, they have the time— and I have precious little of it, so they can help out!

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save money

Espresso- Coffee

After years of wanting my own espresso-cappuccino maker, I finally got one and immediately was amazed at the amount of money I saved from not buying my regular morning latte. WOW! I mean the machine cost was $260, the equivalent to nearly 2 months of purchasing one latte a day… So if you’ve ever wanted one, just go for it. I also love saving my friends money too; instead of meeting for coffee, we meet somewhere outdoors and I bring them a coffee in a travel mug. Its not just economical, its also nurturing! 


I recommend Lavazza brand of espresso. I got hooked in Italy and its been my go-to ever since. And remember to experiment: iced lattes, vanilla syrup, almond milk, Bailey’s. Oh yes, Bailey’s on weekends is a great treat, especially in the long gloomy days of winter!



I LOVE tea! I love it in the winter and I love it in the summer. I use teas for a caffeine boost mid-day, for medicinal purposes, and metabolism boosters.

My kids love it too, so my son Kobe recommended I post my natural “unsweetened” Iced Tea recipe on my blog. The problem is, its not really a set recipe and I am always trying different things. But I’ll do my best.


Here is what you need to make a HUGE batch of Iced Tea:


A Large tea pot

A Large tempered glass jug *make sure it is tempered or it will crack with boiled water*

An extra Large juice jug 

1-2 Tbs loose tea of your choice for the tea pot

2 tea bags of your choice for the tempered glass jug

2-5 pouches of dried stevia (for sweetness)



Juice of 1 lemon or lime

Fresh Mint leaves

Fresh Ginger slices


I make herbal tea concoctions for my kids and I make special brews for myself such as:


  • Ooolong Tea (loose) for Metabolism boosting

  • Dandelion Root for Liver cleansing and support

  • Green Tea for antioxidants (anti- aging) and metabolism

  • Camomile & Mint for soothing/relaxation (anti-stress)


I brew the loose tea in the teapot with built-in strainer and

the 2 teabags on the tempered container

Add stevia to the glass container

Let cool for a few hours then transfer both batches into one large juice container to refrigerate


I brew them in the evening and refrigerate over night. Having good quality travel drink containers saves money. Each “naturally brewed” iced tea from the store costs between 2.50- 3.60. Ours are a fraction of that cost and contain fresher more high quality teas that have amazing nutrient content.


I hope you try it out and let me know how it goes!

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