Healthy Spirit

The vast majority of people living on Earth believe that we have a soul, or a spirit that connects us to something larger than ourselves. While that 'sense' is a common one, it remains something people seem hesitant to talk openly about. Perhaps we are moving into a time where there is less of a need to conceal our spiritual selves and we can be more free to share those thoughts, beliefs and experiences with others. I like to think that there is a growing tolerance for others religious and spiritual beliefs. My personal beliefs stem from an eclectic array of practices from cultures around the world. I believe in prayer, meditation, mantras, energy healing, ceremonies from Indigenous cultures, the power of myth, spirit guides, a Creator and the Universe. More importantly I have felt the effects of these things at play in my life from a very early age. Through my early interest in both religion and personal development I have explored various belief systems and practices that help me to become a more balanced human being. In general, I am always seeking methods that help me love more and judge less.


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