Healthy Body

If we could imagine ourselves on our death beds, and knowing what lifestyle factors we could have changed in order to live longer and healthier lives, nearly everyone would wish that they had of made those changes. It is that very long-term vision we need to keep in mind when making day to day choices. After watching my Grandmotehr-in-law suffer with osteoporosis, I began dilligently taking my calcium-magnesium supplements because I did not want to risk that fate. Every choice we make now will have a long-term impact--whether it be for the positive keeping us happy and vibrant, or for het negative--making us tired, sick or depressed. The good news is, the power is YOURS to choose.


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Healthy Body

Without our health, life simply cannot be enjoyed to the fullest if we are lacking energy, vitality and wellness. We need to decide how we want to age. Do we want to remain strong, agile and sharp as long as possible? Or expereince a slow deterioration of declining health that can span over decades?  It is that long term vision of healthy aging that should motivate our daily choices today. From a young age I have focused on preventative medicine and natural methods to maintain health.


I was influenced by my Haida Grandmother, who was amazing with her natural remedies for all kinds of health issues. What she taught me is that medicine comes from the earth and that we can be empowered to own our own health. My Grandpa bought me my first copy of 'Prescription for Nutritional Healing' when I was 19 year old, it was my standby BIBLE of health and healing for two decades! I struggled for 12 years being hypothyroid, 10 years of parenting induced insomnia, bouts of Fibromyalgia, migraines and a very stubborn metabolism. Overcoming these challenges was not fun, but it did put me on a path to understanding my body, questioning the standard practices of the Western medical establishment, and researching nutrition and holisitic remedies. Staying focused on my overall wellness is something I work at continually.


Every choice we make now will have long-term impact--whether it be for the positive, keeping us happy and vibrant; or for the negative, making us tired, sick or depressed. The good news is, the power is yours to choose. Each and every day.


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The Real Barrier to Healthy Eating Is...



Meal Planning (the less time you spend on doing the basics, more time you have for FUN)


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