Medicine Collection Acrylic Earrings

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Carry the healing energy with you when wearing these Medicine Earrings! Designed by Erin Brillon (Haida -Cree)

Fireweed - Not only a beautiful flower, it's also a powerful traditional medicine.

These ombre purple earrings feature an iridescent bottom tier, a frosted lilac middle tier and a translucent purple top tier.

Dimensions: 2.75 Long x 1.125 Wide

Sage - It is a sacred medicine for so many tribes across Turtle Island. 

Dimensions: 2.5" long x 1.25" Wide. Made with Satin Bronze Outer / Iridescent inner.

Salmonberry - 

Dimensions: 2.5" Long x 1.75" wide. Made with Red Satin Bronze outer / Translucent Red inner.

Hemlock -

Dimensions: 2.5" long x 1.25" wide. Made with Silver Mirror outer / Iridescent inner.

Sweetgrass -

Dimensions: 2.5" long x 2" wide. Made with Satin Bronze Top and Bottom pieces and an Iridescent middle.

Huckleberry -

Dimensions: 2.5" long x 1.3" wide. Made with Iridescent outer and Red Translucent inner.