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Are you interested in learning how to feel the inspiration of your Soul's highest calling through the intersection of Body-Mind-Spirit alignment? If you are, I hope that you find helpful information here to guide your journey.

It is my hope to help individuals and communities to move from mere survival mode into living fully, inspiring others to live to our fullest potential.

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One of my passions is sharing information-- tips, tricks and tools-- that promote health and wellness.

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See below for some tools and resources to help you on your journey. Under the headings of Mind, Body & Spirit you will find sub-headings of various topics.

Erin Brillon

Erin Brillon B.A.

Erin's Haida name is Kalga Jaad (Woman of Ice). From the Haida and Cree Nations on her mother's side, and her lived cultural experience. She is also endowed with Irish and Italian DNA from her biological Father.

Erin completed a B.A. in Liberal Studies and a minor in Psychology from VIU in 2013. Her life's work has been dedicated to the empowerment and healthy development of Indigenous youth and families, for which she has worked in many capacities over two decades.

Since 2014 Erin has built her business Totem Design House with the help of her brother, children and husband, Andy Everson. An ever expanding line of apparel, jewelry, home decor, fine art and wellness products featuring Northwest Coast Native Art designs.

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