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Welcome to my website. Are you interested in learning how to feel the inspiration of your Soul's highest calling through the intersection of Body-Mind-Spirit alignment? If you are, I hope that you find helpful information here to guide your journey. It is my hope to help individuals and communities to move from mere survial mode into living fully; inspiring others to live to our fullest potential.

Creator. Designer.

Growing up immersed in the Northwest Coast art world in Vancouver, Erin was forever inspired and awed by the works of the artists she was surrounded by, such as close family friend Bill Reid. Never considering herself an artist, Erin was happy to promote and market the artwork as her first line of work under her mother and art dealer Edna Brillon. Over the years of observing what she considers the "trinketization" of culture through the endless supply of mass produced, made overseas, products that have reduced the illustrious art form to tourist fodder, she decided it was time to take production into her own hands. The driving force behind the inception of Totem Design House, was to design and produce high quality, locally made, art products and wearable art. Starting with hand-printing off the rack t-shirts, evolved into designing an entire eco-friendly women's wear and home decor line. From her exceptional ability of creating traditional regalia, Erin has also developed a jewellery and hand-bag line, all handmade using traditional materials such as leather, seal fur, abalone and dentalia shell. Erin along with her fiancee Andy Everson, her brother, Jesse Brillon, her daughter Marlo Wylie and Karver Everson, all artists, have formed the Hai-Kwa Collective to explore new mediums and methods of production of NWC art forms. Totem Design House will be expanding in the Fall of 2019, with an expanded clothign line and entirely new line of art products, all produced in house at Kwigwatsi Studio.

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Groundswell: Indigenous Wisdom and the Moral Revolution for Climate Change

Erin authored a chapter in Groundswell, entitled: Illuminating the Path Forward. Outlining several methods of food cultivation and providing examples of Indigenous communities who are working within traditional realms and exploring new technology, in their efforts towards food security and sustainability. 


Your Path to Wellness

One of my passions is sharing information-- tips, tricks and tools-- that promote health and wellness.  From living with chronic health conditions, hypothyroid since I was in my mid twenties, and fibromyalgia since my mid-thirties, I have had to learn, adapt and dedicate myself to eating well, relying on natural remedies and wholistic therapies. I am far from perfect, but my philosophy is any effort is better than none. Another key approach that I promote is taking manageable baby steps, that accumulate over time to transform lifestyles into healthier and healthier ones.

Under the headings of Mind, Body & Spirit you will find sub-headings of various topics.


If you are interested in daily articles pertaining to health-- follow my Facebook page called Indigenous Circle of Wellness. I post articles daily there. Click the button below for access to the page.

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Copper Legacy

In 2019 Erin established a non-profit organization called Copper Legacy in order to further support the empowerment of Indigenous people. The organization will support programs that focus on the revitalization of language and culture, enhancement of Northwest Coast art forms, Empowerment in the area of healing, health and wellness, and legacy projects that focus on environmental sustainability and food security.

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Erin Brillon B.A.

Erin's Haida name is Kalga Jaad (Woman of Ice).  From the Haida and Cree Nations on her mother's side, and her lived cultural experience. She is also endowed with Irish and Italian DNA from her biological Father.


Erin completed a B.A. in Liberal Studies and a minor in Psychology from VIU in 2013. Her life's work has been dedicated to the empowerment and healthy development of Indigenous youth and families, for which she has worked in many capacities over two decades.


Erin came full circle back into the Northwest Coast art world, starting with her first work assisting her mother in promoting and selling art works from the age of 14, to starting Totem Design House featuring clothing, home decor, art and jewelry. Erin brought the vision of TDH into fruition 10 years after its inception, by collaborating with her artist brother Jesse Brillon, renowned Haida Jeweller. She and her daughter Marlo began hand printing, starting off with two t-shirt designs back in 2014. In 2016, Erin's partner in life, NWC Artist Andy Everson joined TDH as a collaborator. Together they developed the Andy Everson Collection. Now a thriving brand, that can be found in the Smithsonian Museum Gift Stores and other museums from coast to coast, Totem Design House is set for a big expansion in the Fall of 2019, with a new production facility, Kwigwatsi Studio, on the K'omoks First Nation in Comox on Vancouver Island.

After years of leading a youth and family cultural group, Little Feathers, and coordinating Indigenous youth and family programs at Wachiay Friendship Centre for nearly a decade, Erin continues to be involved in several cultural groups, the Le-la-la Dancers, the Kumugwer Dancers, and in 2018 co-founded the Haida group called the Xyuu Dancers (Southeast Wind), where participating in cultural events, both locally and abroad, is a regular part of her life.


Founder of the social enterprise OneTribe, that trains Indigenous youth to produce and sell their artworks and founder of Hai-Kwa Collective, an artist collective, Erin is always searching for for innovative methods in art production for NWC coast art form.


Erin is also passionate about nutritional healing, cultural revitalization, youth empowerment through culture and art all of which have culminated into the development of a non-profit organization, Copper Legacy. This was established in order to further Erin's commitment to empowering Indigenous people in their recovery from the aftermath of genocide, colonial oppression, and intergenerational trauma.

"I am continually inspired by the level of creativity, strength and skill that Indigenous people engage in, in the world today. In order for our people to truly thrive, its going to take all of us to play a role in the empowerment of our communities".

               -Erin Brillon


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Santa Fe Indian Market 2018

Erin & Andy at Museum of Natural History collections in NYC 2017

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Eudaimonia (Greek pronunciation: ef-the-monia).

As a teen, I had a collection of powerful quotes many of which were from ancient Greek scholars, philosophers and aristocrats. But this word, I fell in love with while studying abroad in Greece, from the teachings of Plato and Aristotle. I appreciate this deep and expansive definition of happiness because we have no such word to describe such a state of being in the English language. Essentially, eudaimonia is the highest form of human flourishing when your life embodies your highest and best version of yourself. One can reach eudaimonia when we live with integrity and passion; to achieve a sense of fulfillment that can only be attained by following a good path with purpose and intention.


I believe anyone can achieve eudamonia, given the right mentorship, guidance and knowledge.


This website is full of tools and resources to help you on your journey.